Past Grants

Advancing Literacy for ALL (Project ALL)

As students progress academically, their understanding of subjects like science and social studies is dependent on their ability to read and understand complex non-fiction text. The purpose of Advancing Literacy for ALL is to increase content literacy through improved instruction and by providing a greater array of materials related to science and social studies topics. Ultimately, the program’s goal is to increase students’ ability to read and understand these texts and to better prepare students for the challenge of successful learning in high school.

Advancing Literacy for ALL also provides professional development for science and social studies teachers, helping them improve instruction as it relates to non-fiction texts. This specialized teacher training in conjunction with the content literacy instruction for students has resulted in higher rates of reading fluency, improved engagement and overall deeper comprehension of related subject matter.

After successfully piloting this program for three years at Chute and its feeder schools, Foundation 65 funded a district-wide expansion of the program.

Child Parent Centers

The Child-Parent Center (CPC) Program provided comprehensive and continuous education and family support services from preschool to third grade for children at risk of underachievement. Under the direction of a leadership team at each site and in collaboration with the Principal, the program worked to enhance school readiness skills, increase early school achievement and performance, and promote parent involvement and engagement. This program included the establishment of parent resource centers within designated elementary schools in the target areas and includes professional development opportunities for District teachers. The program’s goal was to promote school readiness, parent involvement and early school achievement, all of which have shown to have long-term positive effects on future achievement, graduation and career success.

Foundation65_programs_2This program was part of a larger, national study conducted by the University of Minnesota that includes four additional sites across the Midwest. In Evanston, over 200 preschool children at the Joseph E. Hill Early Childhood Center (5 classrooms) and the Child Care Center of Evanston (2 classrooms) participated in the preschool component of the program in 2012-2013.  Beginning in the fall of 2013, continuing services in kindergarten and the early grades were available at Dawes, Oakton, Washington, and Walker Elementary Schools.

The program has been implemented at various sites in Chicago schools since 1967 and longitudinal studies have shown that the program substantially improves school readiness, achievement and performance leading to increased graduation rates, higher salaries and decreased incarceration rates. The six key CPC elements include: effective learning experiences, preschool to 3rd grade; aligned curriculum, continuity and stability; collaborative leadership team; parent involvement and engagement; and professional development system.

The Child-Parent Center program is a collaborative effort between District 65, the University of Minnesota and the Department of Education, as well as a number of local Evanston organizations including, Foundation 65, which provided the matching funds to bring this program to District 65. Foundation 65 was a proud partner along with the following organizations that came forward to support this innovative grant: the Lewis-Sebring Family Foundation, Finnegan Family Foundation, Evanston Community Foundation, Northwestern University, and Francis Beidler Foundation.