About Us

Who We Are

Foundation 65 (F65) is the educational foundation for Evanston-Skokie School District 65. The Foundation raises funds to support activities that enrich District 65 schools and encourage excellence in education. While we partner with the District to support the schools’ teachers and students, Foundation 65 is an independent operating foundation with its own volunteer board and funds.

Our programming and grant making are made possible with the resources and commitment of caring citizens who are determined to make a difference in our schools and our children’s education. Working together, we know we can nurture academic achievement and enrichment opportunities for all of our students. Since 2008, F65 has invested more than $2,500,000 in projects and programs making an impact at every school in the District.


shutterstock_12045727Foundation 65 actively promotes involvement in public education by all segments of our community and raises funds to improve the quality of Evanston schools, the achievement of high standards, and the education experience for all students.

Foundation 65 is committed to serving as an independent foundation, governed by a volunteer board of directors, who are representative of the Evanston community, and who work to promote and support public education.

In fulfilling our mission, Foundation 65 believes that:

  • Evanston is a community that deeply values education.
  • The public schools are the responsibility of the people who live in the area in which they serve.
  • With the right combination of focus and creativity, caring citizens can make a positive difference in public education as measured by dollars invested and stronger ties to the community;
  • Working together, citizens and the schools can nurture academic achievement and enrichment opportunities for all of our students.