How Foundation 65 is supporting our children during COVID 19

April 9, 2020

The last few weeks have changed our lives more than we could have possibly imagined.  The Evanston/Skokie community has been relentless in stepping up to meet fundamental needs regarding food, shelter, and business sustainability.  At the same time, Foundation 65 has been working with District 65 and community partners to identify the array of on-going needs, and we have determined how we can help.  Prior to this crisis, over 3000 children in District 65 were considered to be low income, and 200 children were homeless. These children need our support now more than ever.  At this time, we are contributing to addressing needs in three ways.  

Basic needs: Foundation 65 is proud to share that we are contributing to a fund, led by the PTA Equity Project, to provide support of basic needs for families within District 65.  This fund, supported by school PTAs across our community, will provide resources for principals, social workers, and other community advocates to give to families with the most identified need.  While this fund does not directly impact literacy and the arts, Foundation 65 feels strongly that children cannot learn until their basic needs are met. We are hopeful that our contribution helps support those basic needs.

Technology: In addition, over 200 children in District 65 do not have access to an electronic device for remote learning.  In collaboration with Evanston Community Foundation and the PTA Equity Project, Foundation 65 has ordered chrome books to ensure that every identified child has the technology that they need in order to access learning after Spring Break. 

Books: Finally, there are children in our community who have few or no books in their homes.  In collaboration with District 65 leadership and Young, Black, and Lit, Foundation 65 will provide an access code for designated families to purchase books from the Young, Black and Lit site to be sent directly to their homes. 

Our Board has committed these funds, but with your help we can do even more.

$150 purchases a chrome book for a child to have one-to-one technology access.
$25 allows a child to choose 3 books to be delivered to their home.

Contributions to this work can be made here.

Thank you for your support and for all that you do to show that Evanston/Skokie is a community that comes together during difficult times.

Dr. Keith A. Robinson
Foundation 65 Board President

Alecia Wartowski
Foundation 65 Executive Director