Advancing Literacy for ALL

shutterstock_12040288 As students progress academically, their understanding of subjects like science and social studies is dependent on their ability to read and understand complex non-fiction text. The purpose of Advancing Literacy for ALL is to increase content literacy through improved instruction and by providing a greater array of materials related to science and social studies topics. Ultimately, the program’s goal is to increase students’ ability to read and understand these texts and to better prepare students for the challenge of successful learning in high school. Advancing Literacy for ALL also provides professional development for science and social studies teachers, helping them improve instruction as it relates to non-fiction texts. This specialized teacher training in conjunction with the content literacy instruction for students has resulted in higher rates of reading fluency, improved engagement and overall deeper comprehension of related subject matter. After successfully piloting this program for three years at Chute and its feeder schools, Foundation 65 funded a district-wide expansion of the program.